• Confidence Creates a Great Life!


    The mission of Everyday Confidence is to empower women by cultivating confidence and self-worth.

    We accomplish this by providing the tools and guidance to uncover confidence, build self-esteem and discover personal value and self-worth. In all things, we strive to bring out our clients’ confident best, help them embrace their own unique qualities and abilities while taking the leading role in their own lives.


  • Our soul purpose is to guide women in being their confident best.

    We help you find your inner confidence and bring out your most awesome self!

    The team at Everyday Confidence is here to help YOU uncover the power and beauty within your soul.


    You will NOT find judgement or harsh criticism at Everyday Confidence.

    NOR we will tell you how to live your life.


    We ARE here to give you the tools and guidance to become your most happy, self-aware and (most importantly) self-confident version of yourself.


    We focus on YOU and the elements you need to go out and

    become the change that you want to see in the world!


    Our offerings are designed to boost your confidence, help you set (and achieve) goals that further your career and accomplishments in life;

    and teach you how to tap into your inner beauty while accentuating your outer beauty.

    As you enjoy our signature daily subscription service, advance through our courses, or work one-on-one with your personal Confidence Creator; you will see a more radiant, positive and self-assured version of yourself looking back at you in the mirror each and every day.

    Your newfound sense of self-confidence will enable you to make a positive impact on the world around you!


    We will always be right here, cheering you on every step of the way.

    The Everyday Confidence team believes in you

    and we know you are going to go out there and do great things in this world!


    Now what are you waiting for???

    Take the first step in finding the tools that will help YOU change the world!

  • Our Offerings

    Each of our products and services are designed for all confidence levels, all types of schedules and takes into consideration each of our unique learning styles. Find the right starting point for you!

    Our Signature Service

    Everyday Confidence Membership - Currently in Pre-launch!

    The Everyday Confidence Membership delivers confidence directly to your inbox each and every morning. Our suite of Niche Experts will cover the confident boosting basics on a wide array of topics to give you the knowledge, skills and tools to live your life at your most confident best.


    Membership benefits include:

    • Quick and easy to digest daily emails on topics including:  confidence building exercises, finances, make-up techniques, fitness and exercise, wellness, nutrition, home buying, car buying, career development, relationships, working with difficult people and, of course styling tips and how to look your best everyday.
    • Monthly courses offered at subscriber only pricing of $19  (80% or more off pricing to the general public)  presented by our Niche Experts and Everyday Confidence Coaches
    • Weekly downloads or live sessions presented by our Niche Experts to advance your skills and confidence in their niche area.
    • Subscriber discounts and giveaways from our Small Business Saturday partners every Saturday

    Investment: $10 per month - Join our pre-launch "In the Know" list here and receive some extra special swag when we launch!

    Introduction to 1-on1 Private Coaching

    At Everyday Confidence, we know that new things can be scary! We have designed the Introduction to 1-on-1 Private Coaching to give you a first-hand experience of what it will be like to work with one of our coaches.


    This 3 part series (including the complimentary Discovery Session) will focus on 1) Assessing, 2) Defining, and 3) Action Plan


    Investment: $250 for 2 - (50) minute sessions + Discovery Session

    Confident Accountability: 1-on-1 Private Coaching

    Perfect for those looking for personalized attention and accountability

    For those who prefer the one-on-one individual attention, Everyday Confidence offers private sessions for the woman who is on her path and would like a weekly check-in with a coach to strategize for the coming week, discuss options and outcome and be held accountable for all actions . Our coaches will select a balance of lifestyle, wellness, skills and talents assessments, stress reduction and confidence curriculum to fit your end goal.


    Private clients are limited in number and are selected through an application process. Begin the application process here.


    Investment for Members: $750 for 8 - WEEKLY (50) minutes sessions

    Investment for Non-Members: $1,300 for 8 - WEEKLY (50) minute sessions

    Confident Transitions: 1-on-1 Private Coaching

    Perfect for those looking for personalized attention while contemplating transition / transitioning including strategizing future options, identifying strengths and skills and options for moving forward

    For those who prefer the one-on-one individual attention, Everyday Confidence offers private sessions for the woman in transition or preparing for transition. Our coaches will select a balance of lifestyle, wellness, strategy exercises, skills and talents assessments, stress reduction and confidence curriculum to fit your end goal. The Confident Transitions Package includes 4 months of ongoing coaching to guide our clients to uncover their inner strengths, decipher their next step, and move forward with confidence.


    Private clients are limited in number and are selected through an application process. Begin the application process here.


    Investment for Members: $1,200 for 4 months of ongoing coaching

    Investment for Non-Members: $2,000 for 4 months of ongoing coaching

  • Meet Katy

    Why I Do What I Do by Katy Graham

    Hi, I’m Katy, your Confident Transition Coach.


    Allow me to introduce myself and share a little bit about how Everyday Confidence came about and just exactly WHY it took 5 years in the making before it was ready to be the change that I wanted to see in the world.


    Here is my story in a snippet. As the youngest of 4 kids, I struggled to find my own personal identity, trust my own instincts and hold true to the person I was meant to be. My family would go out of their way to make sure I was aware of each and every one of my flaws and anything in my life that was not perfect. Everything can always be improved upon. I know that they sought out the faults to make me a better person. For that, I thank them for the strong, confident woman I have become today.


    As much of a blessing that is today, it was really rough on a self-conscious, skinny, knobby kneed kid looking for where and how she fit in.


    Confidence challenged is putting it mildly. Without the proper tools and guidance, the challenge went far beyond my youth and plagued me as an adult.


    When it came to dating, my lack of confidence and self-worth translated into many bad situations with the men I allowed into my life. I would go out of my way to find the men who were controlling, jealous, abusive and made sure they re-enforced my self-beliefs that I did not offer value of my own and was not worthy of being treated like the princess I expect to be treated like today.


    To be fair, I dated a couple of really amazing men who I just was not ready for when they came around. To these men, my sincere apologies for not seeing the value you offered when you were brought into my life.


    My lack of confidence and self-worth also translated into the type of employee that I became. I was always the ‘star’ employee that could always be counted on to drop what I was doing to cover someone else. I was the one training others or cross trained to pick up the slack where it was needed. I allowed my bosses to bully me to stay late and work longer for less pay because it was what needed to be done.


    It took me nearly 36 years to LOVE myself. (Read more about that here.) It took me 36 years to discover that I am worth LOVING and CHERISHING for who I am RIGHT NOW; flaws and all.


    It took me 36 years to uncover what makes me truly ‘me’.


    This allowed me to create my own confidence, identify my personal skill sets, find my own HIGH value in this world of perfectionism and, most importantly, led me down the path I’m on today.


    It took me a couple of more years to realize that I have a very unique and special gift. I have been blessed with the gift of hearing what is not actually being said out loud and honing in on the questions that make you go ‘hmmm, I haven’t thought about that’.


    I'm also stellar at asking the questions that frustrate the hell out of you.

    The questions that challenge you to think things through, analyze scenarios, discover a solution and ultimately grow as an individual.


    My gift allows me to help women re-discover their inner beauty, guide them in defining their path and creating their own personal confidence in who they are right now and gain confidence in where they are going.


    Everyday Confidence was born out of 5 years of research, pilot programs, errors and redesign. The Everyday Confidence Membership service has been uniquely crafted to meet you at YOUR confidence level and support you on your journey.


    **Katy is a Certified Life Coach, Certified Health and Wellness Coach, Certified Confidence Coach, is currently studying Neurolinguistic Programming and looks forward to the future courses to add to her growing arsenal of empowerment tools.**

  • Everyday Confidence, 5 Years in the Making...

    The Story of How We Started

    In 2012, I (Katy) became certified as a Health and Wellness Coach through the Institute of Integrative Nutrition. I was prepared and ready to take on the food challenges and healthy living choices women face today.

    I was prepared to make a difference.


    I wasn’t prepared for the reoccurring theme of low confidence, low self-esteem and even lower self-worth.

    It didn’t matter if the woman was a size 2 or 22. If she earned $8 an hour or $250,000 a year. The common thread was all about self-confidence and being imperfect in a world that demanded perfection.


    This launched the first concept of Everyday Confidence. (under a different name) It piloted as a 3-month program complete with homework. It also trialed as a 30 day program and multiple other iterations including an app delivery system. After many trials, quite a few errors, thousands of dollars in failed apps (yep, 3 strikes!) and lots of honest feedback, a truly inspired concept was designed, tested and proven to be successful!


    Everyday Confidence Membership has been delicately crafted to provide support and empowerment to women regardless of where their confidence level is RIGHT NOW.


    Our signature Membership service is a great starting point for those who are not quite sure if this is the thing for them. Their self-confidence may be too low to realize they need a stronger foundation. They may be too stressed with everything else in their life to take too much time for themselves. They may have been working on themselves for YEARS and are just looking for a daily reinforcement to what they have already crafted.


    The daily emails are crafted to deliver great tips, lifehacks and guidance from pros with a wide view of life skills. The diversity will cover everything from makeup to finances to relationships to setting up your will; all in the desire that, as a confident woman, you have knowledge in all areas of life and are not dependent on trusting someone else without knowing what questions to ask first.


    For those seeking a more in-depth experience, we offer self-guided courses, group courses and one-on-one coaching to bring out your most confident, radiant self.


    Through our piloting, testing and research development, we are confident at least one of our offerings will be a great fit to increase or maintain your everyday confidence. What are you waiting for?


    You are a uniquely gifted, talented woman who deserves to be treated with respect, kindness and worth.

    Aren’t you worth investing in?


  • Ladybug Love

    The ladybug symbolizes the heart and soul of Everyday Confidence.

    Here's why:

    The arrival of the ladybug signals that you are safe to leave your worries behind as new happiness is coming your way. Higher goals and new heights are now possible!

    It is time to discover your true self, take inventory of what fills your heart and what makes YOU most happy.


    The ladybug blesses your dreams, encourages you to take action on them and signals the way to follow your bliss.


    The ladybug, most well known as a symbol of love, joy, prosperity, happiness, delight, abundance and luck, is also a symbol of protection and self-reliance.


    The ladybug is self-reliant and able to protect itself against larger predators.

    For this, it is a symbol of safety and protection against all harm. The ladybug signals you not to be afraid or scared to live your own truth, but instead to honor and protect your truth through your words and deeds.


    Physically, the ladybug’s bright red shield proclaims her unique and playful spirit and brings smiles on her way to wherever her heart leads her in the next moment.


    The black dots remind us to count our blessings and show gratitude with grace and style.


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