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Week ending October 16, 2016.

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Wow! What a moon. Last night I was driving home from a magical day in the parks and watched a spectacular full Harvest moon rise over the Orlando skyline. Unfortunately, I was driving so I wasn’t able to safely snap a picture before it hid behind the clouds. It was enormous! (“that’s what she said”….sorry….bad joke from the couple of days with my cousin Keith and newly ‘adopted’ cousin Brian.)

Keith flew down to meet friends for Halloween Horror Nights at Universal. (one of the perks of living in Orlando, I get LOTS of visitors!) He and his friend (and my newly ‘adopted’ cousin) were flying in for a quick visit. I had the absolute pleasure of picking up the boys at the airport on Friday and showing off some of my favorite sites in Orlando….at least those we could fit in between their 1pm arrival and 5pm check-in time at the Wyndham Bonnet Creek before they hit the 9 haunted houses!

We started with lunch at one of my favs – Black Bean Deli – and the boys were able to enjoy some authentic Cuban food along with one of my (pre-GF living) favorite beers – Cigar City Jai Alia. From there, we hit Red Light, Red Light but apparently, 2pm on a Friday is too early for a beer!

Instead we ventured down a strip mall to enjoy the best homemade cupcakes in the city at Blue Bird Bakeshop. I got to drool and live vicariously as they have not yet introduced Gluten Free cupcakes into their rotation. :(

East End Market was next on the list. This place made the cut as it reminds me of the market I would visit with our Grandmother to get fresh scones. We also fit in a couple of drive bys including Lake Eola to see the emblem of the City Beautiful, Orange avenue to see ‘downtown’, the Pulse Nightclub with the memorials out front and a directional point to Orlando brewing. We ran out of time to stop and still get to their hotel on time in Friday traffic!

Saturday morning, we headed off to Walk Disney World. Since I was playing tour guide, we started off at my favorite, the Rock’n Rollercoaster at Disney’s Hollywood Studios and fit in Star Wars (ride and film), Indiana Jones and the Great Movie Ride before heading to the Magic Kingdom. SO MUCH FUN! The tea cups were by far my favorite followed by Splash Mountain which could have only been better without the 75 minute wait and rain as we sat down in the boat. (But heck, if you are going to get wet, may as well get drenched!!!!)

I was able to get this fun little photo of our Saturday’s festivities in front of Cinderella’s castle. Aren’t the boys just little hotties??? I am allowed to say that about family, right?

Besides the fun time with family this week, I also had the opportunity to start working with a new private client (LOVE her!), catch up with other visitors over dinner, met a new friend for coffee at the Drunkin' Monkey and completed the final items for our new complimentary 7 day program that will be launching next week.

Whew! What a week. No wonder my downtime on the patio felt like minutes instead hours this afternoon!

…oh! And I almost forgot about my new love, Ramsey. I’ll tell you all about this heart breaker next week.

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