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...a week in the life

Last week, I mentioned my newest love, Ramsey.

This 4 month old Affenpinscher is just the most adorable boy.

As an entrepreneur, I supplement my income through multiple streams of income. This keeps my emergency funds loaded, adds to my retirement account AND keeps family happy as I'm not relying on a single source of income.

One of my side gigs is dog sitting and dog walking. This started LONG ago with watching my friends’ dogs when they were out of town. I now use a great little app through Rover and put my availability out to those in my area looking for someone caring to take care of their 4-legged babies.

Looking for a side income when it is convenient in YOUR schedule? , Check out the Rover pet sitter opportunity here. (Please note this is an affiliate link - if you sign up to be a Rover sitter through this link, I may be rewarded with a Scoobie snack!)

My love, Ramsey, gets a daily walk on weekdays in October. His momma’s band is on tour and he needed a little exercise and potty break during the day. (awesome music by the way, check out Sales here.) It works perfectly as I, too, get a little exercise break to fit in more steps and get in some great unconditional love in the Florida sunshine.

Another one of my loves, my niece Macy, won a statewide video competition.  She proudly accepted her award at the Florida Association for Media in Education Jim Harbin Student Media Festival. They took 3rd in the state for the category in the 3rd-5th grade age group. SO PROUD of Super Macy for her creativity, gung-ho spirit and charisma.

I believe I mentioned before, but I get A LOT of family visitors here in Central Florida. Friday, I had the pleasure of catching up with a cousin and 2 of his kids. We hit the links at Disney’s Fantasia Miniature Golf Course (I tied for second!) then headed over to the BoardWalk Bakery. We channeled my mom and ate dessert before dinner, so we would be sure to have enough room! :)  (so excited they had GF chocolate chip cookies so I could enjoy with them!).

After enjoying the sites, walking the boardwalk and winning not one, by TWO stuffed animals at the carnival games, we enjoyed dinner at Trattoria al Forno …. EXCELLENT! I would highly recommend their caprese salad if you live a GF lifestyle, or I hear the pizza is AMAZING, if you enjoy your wheat :)

Early Saturday morning, I headed out to The Villages to help my dad and his wife with the final preparations for their annual fall party. This year, it was a fundraiser for The Villages Philharmonic Orchestra. The 70+ guests greatly enjoyed the music, food and fun for the evening.

….and I greatly enjoyed crawling into my bed and sleeping like a rock when I made it home that evening! This is a picture of my Aunt Sue and my sister, Jennifer,right before the guests began arriving. (I would be the tall blond!)

Next week will include new product updates, certifications and a short visit to Clearwater!

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