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Skinny girls do it daily

Did you know that a woman with a few extra pounds that takes 2 flights of stairs up and down each day for a year would burn the equivalent of 12 pounds? Hmmm...

Embrace your inner 'SKINNY GIRL' and make it a point to take the stairs whenever possible.

Confidence grows when we take a single step toward supporting our health, wellness, bodies and emotions. Make one of those steps on the stairs at your office, apartment or while shopping at the mall. Your backside, heart, immune system and calves will begin to thank you with each step you take!

Incorporating a regular stair climbing routine offers additional benefits including a reduced risk of heart disease, increase in heart beat enhancing blood flow to all areas of the body, increase your immune system, lower your risk for diabetes along with improving energy. A fun fact: your body releases endorphins (natural pain relievers) during a stair climb so you will feel better and have less tension. (Stressed?!?! Go find a set of stairs to climb!)

Embrace your inner 'Skinny Girl' and repeat after me..... "Skinny Girls Take the Stairs"

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