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Ladybug Love

ladybug soul Sep 06, 2017

The ladybug symbolizes the heart and soul of Everyday Confidence. 

Here's WHY:

  • The arrival of the ladybug signals that you are safe to leave your worries behind as new happiness is coming your way. Higher goals and new heights are now possible!
  • It is time to discover your true self, take inventory of what fills your heart and what makes YOU most happy.
  • The ladybug blesses your dreams, encourages you to take action on them and signals the way to follow your bliss.
  • The ladybug, most well known as a symbol of love, joy, prosperity, happiness, delight, abundance and luck, is also a symbol of protection and self-reliance.
  • The ladybug is self-reliant and able to protect itself against larger predators. For this, it is a symbol of safety and protection against all harm.
  • The ladybug signals you not to be afraid or scared to live your own truth, but instead to honor and protect your truth through your words and deeds.

Physically, the ladybug’s bright red shield proclaims her...

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Authentically You

Uncategorized Sep 06, 2017

Are you being TRUE to YOU?

Living as your authentic self is scary stuff.

Hiding your true self behind a well constructed mask made up of the ‘right’ thing to wear, the ‘right’ makeup, the ‘right’ tone of voice, the ‘right’ friends, the ‘right’ job, the ‘right’ hobbies, the ‘right’ impression can be utterly exhausting emotionally and physically.
What happens if you slip up and the true you shines through?
Will your ‘right’ friends still want to be around you? Will the ‘right’ job still see you as the ideal fit?

What happens when you dare to put the mask down and live authentically?

Growing up, I was constantly being ‘corrected’ to become the person others wanted me to be. To say the things they wanted me to say, to have the reaction they wanted me to have, to enjoy the activities they wanted me to enjoy.

Back then, my nickname should have been Silly Putty. ...

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A Final WIsh for Finding Confidence, Self-worth and Unique Gifts

 In 2009, I was traveling back to my parents’ house for my 35th Thanksgiving celebration with a very heavy heart, tear stained cheeks and bleary eyes. This was not just a visit home for another family holiday, but a much dreaded goodbye and blessing a letting go.
It all started three years prior. I was having dinner with a friend when my cell phone rang. The caller id said it was my mom for the 3rd time that day. I had ignored the calls all day as I didn’t have time to chat. I apologized to my friend and picked up with the intention of telling my mom I would call her tomorrow.
My dad was on the other end and my stomach sank. My dad only called when there was something deadly wrong. I had gotten far too many calls of the passing of aunts, uncles, cousins and grandparents to be all too familiar with the knot forming in my stomach. In true form for my dad, he promptly announced my mom had a form of malignant cancer, a poor prognosis and a short time left...

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A Passion Project

Everyday Confidence began its journey in the fall of 2013.

This passion project rose out of a desire to enable women to embrace their confidence, find their unique skills and attributes and share their best selves with the world.

The 'Architect' (ahem, me) began noticing patterns in her Health Coaching clients. No matter the age, weight, ethnicity, backgrounds or current income levels, the same themes and patterns seemed to emerge for each of her clients.

The themes presented in very different ways, but the same core items continued to make an appearance.

Each of these accomplished, intelligent women seemed to harbor limiting beliefs in lack of self-worth, personal value, confidence and not being valuable enough to be a priority in her own life.

Wow. Just Wow.

For you coaches out there, I'm sure you have heard, 'if you spot it, you've got it.' This couldn't be MORE spot on for me and my background.

I, too, suffered from severe lack in my own personal confidence, abilities and...

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