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Ladybug Love

ladybug soul Sep 06, 2017

The ladybug symbolizes the heart and soul of Everyday Confidence. 

Here's WHY:

  • The arrival of the ladybug signals that you are safe to leave your worries behind as new happiness is coming your way. Higher goals and new heights are now possible!
  • It is time to discover your true self, take inventory of what fills your heart and what makes YOU most happy.
  • The ladybug blesses your dreams, encourages you to take action on them and signals the way to follow your bliss.
  • The ladybug, most well known as a symbol of love, joy, prosperity, happiness, delight, abundance and luck, is also a symbol of protection and self-reliance.
  • The ladybug is self-reliant and able to protect itself against larger predators. For this, it is a symbol of safety and protection against all harm.
  • The ladybug signals you not to be afraid or scared to live your own truth, but instead to honor and protect your truth through your words and deeds.

Physically, the ladybug’s bright red shield proclaims her unique and playful spirit and brings smiles on her way to wherever her heart leads her in the next moment.

The black dots remind us to count our blessings and show gratitude with grace and style.

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