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A Passion Project

Everyday Confidence began its journey in the fall of 2013.

This passion project rose out of a desire to enable women to embrace their confidence, find their unique skills and attributes and share their best selves with the world.

The 'Architect' (ahem, me) began noticing patterns in her Health Coaching clients. No matter the age, weight, ethnicity, backgrounds or current income levels, the same themes and patterns seemed to emerge for each of her clients.

The themes presented in very different ways, but the same core items continued to make an appearance.

Each of these accomplished, intelligent women seemed to harbor limiting beliefs in lack of self-worth, personal value, confidence and not being valuable enough to be a priority in her own life.

Wow. Just Wow.

For you coaches out there, I'm sure you have heard, 'if you spot it, you've got it.' This couldn't be MORE spot on for me and my background.

I, too, suffered from severe lack in my own personal confidence, abilities and allowed others to get in my head, lead me to doubt my own decisions and especially doubt my personal intuition.

From the outside, I was the happy, cheerful girl who was upbeat and radiating energy. On the inside, I was a coward who was afraid to misstep because someone may not 'like me'. (God forbid!)

My lack of confidence in my own personal values drew me to date less than stellar men (to be fair, there were one or two stellar ones in the mix!), work for bosses who did not appreciate or reward my unique talents and skills, allowed 'friends' to take advantage of my Rolodex and kindness all while basically giving away my power to make my own decisions as I 'always' made the wrong choice.

I was settling for crumbs and playing a supporting role in my own life while allowing others to take over MY starring role.

As I began to trust my own intuition and uncovered my own unique skills and talents, I took full ownership for who I am as a person. It PAINED me to see other women suffering from the same things that had haunted me or 30+ years.

Everyday Confidence was conceived from this pain.

Everyday Confidence is designed to instill confidence in women and provide them the tools, strategies and confidence building steps to help them take back their own power and love themselves for who they are RIGHT NOW.

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