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Meet Katy

Hi, I’m Katy.  

Allow me to introduce myself and share a little bit about how Everyday Confidence came about and just exactly WHY it took 5 years in the making before it was ready to be the change that I wanted to see in the world.

Here is my story in a snippet:

As the youngest of 4 kids, I struggled to find my own personal identity, trust my own instincts and hold true to the person I was meant to be.  My family would go out of their way to make sure I was aware of each and every one of my flaws and anything in my life that was not perfect.

Everything can always be improved upon.

I know that they sought out the faults to make me a better person.  For that, I thank them for the strong, confident woman I have become today.

As much of a blessing that is today, it was really rough on a self-conscious, skinny, knobby kneed kid looking for where and how she fit in.

Confidence challenged is putting it mildly.  Without the proper tools and guidance, the challenge went far beyond my youth and plagued me as an adult.

When it came to dating, my lack of confidence and self-worth translated into many bad situations with the men I allowed into my life.

I would go out of my way to find the men who were controlling, jealous, abusive and made sure they re-enforced my self-beliefs that I did not offer value of my own and was not worthy of being treated like the princess I expect to be treated like today.

To be fair, I dated a couple of really amazing men who I just was not ready for when they came around. To these men, my sincere apologies for not seeing the value you offered when you were brought into my life.

My lack of confidence and self-worth also translated into the type of employee that I became.  I was always the ‘star’ employee that could always be counted on to drop what I was doing to cover someone else.  I was the one training others or cross trained to pick up the slack where it was needed.  i was the one giving up my nights and weekends to complete a project or help the department 'get caught up'. 

I allowed my bosses to bully me to stay late and work longer for less pay because it was what needed to be done.

It took me nearly 36 years to LOVE myself. (Read more about that here.)

It took me 36 years to discover that I am worth LOVING and CHERISHING for who I am RIGHT NOW; flaws and all.

It took me 36 years to uncover what makes me truly ‘me’.

This allowed me to create my own confidence, identify my personal skill sets, find my own HIGH value as an imperfect being in this world of perfectionism and, most importantly, led me down the path I’m on today.

It took me a couple of more years to realize that I have a very unique and special gift.

I have been blessed with the gift of hearing what is not actually being said out loud and honing in on the questions that make you go ‘hmmm, I haven’t thought about that’.

I'm also stellar at asking the questions that frustrate the hell out of you.

The questions that challenge you to think things through, analyze scenarios, discover a solution and ultimately grow as an individual.

My gift allows me to help women re-discover their inner beauty, guide them in defining their path and creating their own personal confidence in who they are right now and gain confidence in where they are going.

(Katy selects private coaching clients through an application process - begin that process here.)

Everyday Confidence was born out of 5 years of research, pilot programs, errors and redesign. The Everyday Confidence Membership service has been uniquely crafted to meet you at YOUR confidence level and support you on your journey.

**Katy is a Certified Life Coach, Certified Health and Wellness Coach, Certified Confidence Coach, is currently studying Neurolinguistic Programming and looks forward to the future courses to add to her growing arsenal of empowerment tools.**


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