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Can you relate to any of these situations?

  • You know the work you do deserves a raise or promotion buy you are too skittish to ask your boss
  • Your friends / family / significant other took advantage of your 'niceness' again and compromised your day to make their day easier
  • You find yourself working late or on the weekends to help the department / office while your co-workers are off living their lives outside of the office
  • You would prefer to spend your Friday night with Ben & Jerry watching a rom-com in the dark then put yourself out there and show your real self on a *gasp* face-to-face date.  (who would ever find me attractive anyway, I can't live up to the likes of Meg, Katherine or Mila!)
  • You make up excuses not to go to a party so you don't have to deal with the awkwardness
  • There are times you feel like you just don't 'belong'
  • You wish you 'fit in' a little bit better
  • You always feel like the charity case when you are out with friends
  • You happily take your friend's 'cast-offs' because maybe HER glow will make you more appealing to her cast off suitors.
  • You wish the invisibility cloak were a real thing.
  • You avoid certain people because you just don't feel like you measure up when you are around them.

If any of your answers were a 'yes' or a resounding 'HELL, YES!', then the Everyday Confidence Membership Service may be exactly what your life has been missing!

Our membership service guides women to grow their self-confidence through quick, easy to digest and even easier to implement tips, tricks, life hacks, advice and guidance.

Membership has it's privileges:

  • Drops of confidence delivered directly to your inbox!  Our daily emails are short, sweet and filled with great tips, tricks, life-hacks, guidance and a-ha's that will help you seize your confidence in style, grace and a lot of 'no-how.'  Our experts share their wisdom on a wide range of topics including wealth, wellness, beauty, fitness, living well, home decor, living well on a budget, traveling, cocktails, hostessing and a host of other fun topics to help you be your most confident self in EVERY situation.
  • Weekly Expert Knowledge - Each week one expert will share an opportunity to expand your knowledge through a webinar, call, worksheet or experience.  This is a great way to tip your toe in the water to self-discovery and learn more about the specific subject being offered that week.
  • Dive Deep with Courses!  We have partnered with select experts to offer our expert's courses at a DEEP discount so you can DEEP dive into the topic of their choice.  All courses are offered at the unheard price of $19 each with HALF of the course going into our own Scholarship Fund.
  • GO SHOP! with our women owned businesses on Small Business Saturdays.  Each Saturday we will present a PHENOMENAL shopping extravaganza with super awesome incentives to try our uniquely selected products designed and made in the USA by our women-owned businesses. 

 Who is the Membership Service for?

Our membership has been designed to help women discover their self-worth and LIVE BIG in the best version of themselves.  All of our content has been written and created by women, for women. 

Even though our content has been curated for women 22-28 years young, women of all ages are finding benefits and increasing their own confidence through our membership service.   If you are a bit outside of our the range, 10% of the content may not apply to you, with articles such as what you should know when renting your first apartment or how to buy a car.   The other 90% of the content will provide great information or perhaps reminders to things you may have already picked up along your journey. 

 Still not sure if you are a fit?  Don't fret!  We have a 7 day free trial so you can get your feet wet and experience first hand what we have to offer without spending a dime.


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